Medical Comics (2013- onwards)

These illustrations are for an ongoing series of medical student textbooks called ‘Eureka’ by JP Medical PublishingThe titles cover the breadth of undergraduate medicine and include sequential comics and static patient archetypes, developed with Paul Mayhew at JP Medical, to convey patient experiences and presentations in a subtle and memorable way. The first 12 books are out now, with more to be published throughout 2018 and 2019.



Biochem Ch 2 case 1 text Biochem Ch 4 archetype text Biochem Ch 5 case 4 text2 Biochem Ch 6 case 5 text Biochem Ch 7 archetype text Biochem Ch 7 case 6 text Biochem Ch 8 archetype text Biochem Ch 8 case 7 colour Biochem Ch 4 archetype text Biochem Ch 4 case 3 text


chapter 6 case 7 colour Paeds Ch 3 case 2 text Paeds Ch 4 case 4 text Paeds Ch 5 case 5 text Paeds Ch 8 case 12 seizure text Paeds Ch 14 case 10 text Paeds Ch 15 case 20 text Paeds Ch 18 case 22 text paeds ch12 cs16 text paeds Chapter 11, case 15 text


Alt Resp Ch 5 case 5 colour text Mr Nowak text Resp Ch 4 case 3 new panel Resp Ch 7 case 8 malignancy text Resp Ch 8 case 11 text Resp Ch 9 archetype – Cystic fibrosis text Resp Ch 12 Case 18 text copy Resp Ch 12 case 18 text Resp Ch3- case 1 text changes

Surgery and Urology

Surg Ch 1 informed consent text Surg Ch 1 WHO Safe Surgery Checklist text Surg Ch 2 archetype endofthebed text Surg Ch 3 case 1 investigating breast text Surg Ch 4 archetype Cushing text Surg Ch 5 case 3 Gastric text Surg Ch 7 case 6 text Surg Ch 8 case 7 text


Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardio Archetype IE text Cardio Ch 5 case 4 text Cardio Ch 7 case 8 text cardio ch9 cs10 text Cardio Chapter 12 case 14 text with dfib Cardiology chapter 4 case 2 text Cardiology Chapter 6 case 5 text 2 ccf archetype text Chapter 3 case 1 text copd new labels ihd with adjust

Still to come- Neurology, Endocrinology, Physiology, Renal, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry…. 


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